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Deforestation, Australia

Bulldozers destroy over 740,000 ha of forest and bush every year. It kills our soil and water,
suffocates the Reef, kills wildlife, drains our carbon budget—and leaves our towns and
suburbs hotter and less liveable.
With deforestation comes extinction.
On 11/02/22 the government officially listed the koala as Endangered in Queensland, NSW
and the ACT. For species like the koala, we know the biggest problem is the destruction of
their forest homes.
New analysis of the Queensland government most recent land clearing data conducted by
the Wilderness Society reveals that approximately 92,718 ha of likely or known koala habitat
was destroyed across Queensland in one year alone between 2018 and 2019. Of that, around
73,825 ha, or 80%, was bulldozed for beef production.

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